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Fight on! I support news reporting that is unbiased and informative. Really enjoy the excellent coverage on local city council and planning commission meetings.

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Objective reporting that informs us and allows us to come to our own conclusions. They called for open communication and discussed the budget in the 2-hour webinar. They addressed some of Alhambra's hottest topics in the two-hour webinar. As designed, The Villages at The Alhambra is not financially viable if 15 percent of all units are required to be designated as affordable housing.

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The developers indicated they are willing to negotiate. Registered voters will begin to receive vote-by-mail ballots for the November election. There are three ways to cast your vote with this ballot if you choose to use it. The county is considering a slow reopening of the low-risk businesses and activities. The first five categories with modifications include malls, schools and nail salons. All Stories.

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Since the reopening of our Adult Center, our Kitchen Team has been busy preparing meals for our clients back at the Adult Center and at motels across the San Gabriel Valley. Our team could use some extra help during and after lunch! The events will be conducted over Zoom. Both events are FREE and open to the public.

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This lovely garden extends along the whole east side of the A9…. Application period: August 3rd — August 28th The City has introduced grants for housing relief that provides emergency rental and mortgage assistance grants to income-eligible San Gabriel residents economically impa…. Online Class recorded May 21, Menu Close Menu.

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Donate Today! Donor Supporters Jessie Ong Alhambra Source provides objective and important news reporting for our community. Jeff Maloney, Alhambra City Council Member The Source has become an important source for news, public interest, and serious journalism in our community. Sign up today to receive up to seven free shade trees to plant in your yard, on private property. We plant them for you! Sign up to get street trees planted in the parkway that space between the sidewalk and the street in front of your home, apartment, business, or school.

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How can you get trees for your home and neighborhood? Learn about each of the programs we offer to grow a greener Los Angeles. Roll up your sleeves and grab a shovel! Partnership is in our DNA. Help us transform LA into a more livable and sustainable city, one tree at a time. In partnership with. Sign up for a Virtual Tree Adoption today.