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The company has toured nationally and internationally. Generations of theater artists have gotten a start at the school. Harlem is also the birthplace of popular hip-hop dances such as the Harlem shake , toe wop, and Chicken Noodle Soup. Harlem is currently experiencing a gourmet renaissance, with new dining hotspots popping up uptown around Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

On October 17, , residents staged a sidewalk sit-in to protest a five-days-a-week farmers market that would shut down Macombs Place at th Street. In the s, African American pianists who lived in Harlem invented their own style of jazz piano, called stride , which was heavily influenced by ragtime. This style played a very important role in early jazz piano [65] [66]. Religious life has historically had a strong presence in Black Harlem.

The area is home to over churches, [67] some of which are official city or national landmarks. The Abyssinian Baptist Church has long been influential because of its large congregation. Many of the area's churches are " storefront churches ", which operate in an empty store, or a basement, or a converted brownstone townhouse. These congregations may have fewer than 30—50 members each, but there are hundreds of them.

Judaism, too, maintains a presence in Harlem through the Old Broadway Synagogue. A non-mainstream synagogue of Black Hebrews , known as Commandment Keepers , was based in a synagogue at 1 West rd Street until The demographics of Harlem's communities have changed throughout its history. This point also marks an influx from downtown Manhattan neighborhoods where blacks were feeling less welcome, to the Harlem area.

Harlem suffers from unemployment rates generally more than twice the citywide average, as well as high poverty rates.

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Private and governmental initiatives to ameliorate unemployment and poverty have not been successful. This policy rated neighborhoods, such as Central Harlem, as unappealing based on the race, ethnicity, and national origins of the residents. In the s, uneducated blacks could find jobs more easily than educated ones could, confounding efforts to improve the lives of people who lived in the neighborhood through education.

As public health leaders have named structural racism as a key social determinant of health disparities between racial and ethnic minorities, [] these 20th century policies have contributed to the current population health disparities between Central Harlem and other New York City neighborhoods. Covering an area of Hispanic or Latino of any race were Based on this calculation, as of [update] , Community District 10 is considered to be gentrifying : according to the Community Health Profile, the district was low-income in and has seen above-median rent growth up to In , the population of West Harlem was , In , the population of East Harlem was , The 28th Precinct has a lower crime rate than it did in the s, with crimes across all categories having decreased by The precinct reported 5 murders, 11 rapes, robberies, felony assaults, 90 burglaries, grand larcenies, and 28 grand larcenies auto in The crime rate in the 32nd Precinct has also decreased since the s, with crimes across all categories having decreased by The precinct reported 10 murders, 25 rapes, robberies, felony assaults, burglaries, grand larcenies, and 34 grand larcenies auto in As of [update] , Community District 10 has a non-fatal assault hospitalization rate of per , people, compared to the boroughwide rate of 49 per , and the citywide rate of 59 per , Its incarceration rate is 1, per , people, the second-highest in the city, compared to the boroughwide rate of per , and the citywide rate of per , In , the highest concentration of both felony assaults in Central Harlem was around the intersection of th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard , where there were 25 felony assaults and 18 robberies.

Rangel Houses was also a hotspot, with 23 felony assaults and 10 robberies. In the early 20th century, Harlem was a stronghold of the Sicilian Mafia , other Italian organized crime groups, and later the Italian-American Mafia. As the ethnic composition of the neighborhood changed, black criminals began to organize themselves similarly. However, rather than compete with the established mobs, gangs concentrated on the "policy racket", also called the numbers game , or bolita in East Harlem.

This was a gambling scheme similar to a lottery that could be played, illegally, from countless locations around Harlem. According to Francis Ianni, "By there were thirty black policy banks in Harlem, several of them large enough to collect bets in an area of twenty city blocks and across three or four avenues. By the early s, the total money at play amounted to billions of dollars, and the police force had been thoroughly corrupted by bribes from numbers bosses. One of the powerful early numbers bosses was a woman, Madame Stephanie St.

Clair , who fought gun battles with mobster Dutch Schultz over control of the lucrative trade. The popularity of playing the numbers waned with the introduction of the state lottery , which is legal but has lower payouts and has taxes collected on winnings. Statistics from show about murders per year in Harlem, "but rape is very rare". At the same time, control of organized crime shifted from Italian syndicates to local black, Puerto Rican, and Cuban groups that were somewhat less formally organized. Of the 30, drug addicts then estimated to live in New York City, 15, to 20, lived in Harlem.

Property crime was pervasive, and the murder rate was six times higher than New York's average.

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Injecting heroin grew in popularity in Harlem through the s and s, though the use of this drug then leveled off. In the s, use of crack cocaine became widespread, which produced collateral crime as addicts stole to finance their purchasing of additional drugs, and as dealers fought for the right to sell in particular regions, or over deals gone bad. With the end of the " crack wars " in the mids, and with the initiation of aggressive policing under mayors David Dinkins and his successor Rudy Giuliani , crime in Harlem plummeted.

Compared to in , when 6, robberies were reported in Harlem, reports of robberies dropped to 4, in ; to 1, in ; and to 1, in There are many gangs in Harlem, often based in housing projects; when one gang member is killed by another gang, revenge violence erupts which can last for years.

Five additional firehouses are located in West and East Harlem. As of [update] , preterm births and births to teenage mothers are more common in Central Harlem than in other places citywide.

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In Central Harlem, there were preterm births per 1, live births compared to 87 per 1, citywide , and 23 births to teenage mothers per 1, live births compared to The concentration of fine particulate matter , the deadliest type of air pollutant , in Central Harlem is 0. The population health of Central Harlem is closely linked to influential social factors on health, also known as social determinants of health , and the impact of structural racism on the neighborhood. The impact of discriminatory policies such as redlining have contributed to residents' bearing worse health outcomes in comparison to the average New York city resident.

This applies to life expectancy, poverty rates, environmental neighborhood health, housing quality, and childhood and adult asthma rates. Additionally, the health of Central Harlem residents are linked to their experience of racism. Certain health disparities between Central Harlem and the rest of New York City can be attributed to 'avoidable causes' such as substandard housing quality, poverty , and law enforcement violence — all of which are issues identified by the American Public Health Association as key social determinants of health.

These deaths that can be attributed to avoidable causes are known as "avertable deaths" of " excess mortality '"in public health. Access to affordable housing and employment opportunities with fair wages and benefits are closely associated with good health. These associations have been documented to increase individual risk of chronic diseases and adverse birth outcomes.

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Asthma is more common in children and adults in Central Harlem, compared to other New York City neighborhoods. Adequate housing is defined as housing that is free from heating breakdowns, cracks, holes, peeling paint and other defects. Neighborhood conditions are also indicators of population: in , Central Harlem had 32 per , people hospitalized due to pedestrian injuries, higher than Manhattan's and the city's average.

Additionally, poverty levels can indicate one's risk of vulnerability to asthma. In , Central Harlem saw children aged 5—17 years old per 10, residents visiting emergency departments for Asthma emergencies, over twice both Manhattan's and the citywide rates. The rate of childhood asthma hospitalization in was more than twice that of Manhattan and New York City, with 62 hospitalizations per 10, residents.

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In , adults per 10, residents visited the emergency department due to asthma, close to three times the average rates of both Manhattan and New York City. Health outcomes for men have generally been worse for those for women. Infant mortality was per thousand in , meaning that Tuberculosis was the main killer, and four times as prevalent among Harlem citizens than among the rest of New York's population. Harlem is located within five primary ZIP Codes. From south to north they are from th to th Streets , from th to rd Streets , east of Lenox Avenue and north of th Street , west of Lenox Avenue from rd to th Streets and from th to th Streets.

Harlem also includes parts of ZIP Codes , , and Central Harlem generally has a similar rate of college-educated residents to the rest of the city as of [update].

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Central Harlem's rate of elementary school student absenteeism is higher than the rest of New York City. The following middle and high schools are located in Central Harlem: []. Harlem has a high rate of charter school enrollment: a fifth of students were enrolled in charter schools in The Triborough Bridge is a complex of three separate bridges that offers connections between Queens , East Harlem, and the Bronx. Public transportation service is provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Some Bronx local routes also serve Manhattan, providing customers with access between both boroughs. Routes that run near Harlem, but do not stop in the neighborhood, include: []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the neighborhood in Manhattan. For other uses, see Harlem disambiguation. Neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Neighborhood of Manhattan. Apartment buildings next to Morningside Park. Main article: History of Harlem.

See also: Harlem Renaissance. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Main article: Crime in Harlem. Main article: Education in Harlem.

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  • Bridges spanning the Harlem River between Harlem to the left and the Bronx to the right. Harlem—th Street station on the Metro-North Railroad. United States portal New York City portal.

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