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I followed a few of the links until I found one that had the actual text of the Fresno ordinance. But doing so is not easy!

Back to the ordinance. There is also the bit about restrictive covenants. In order to have an ADU, the property owner must enter a restrictive covenant requiring owner occupancy of either the principal residence or the ADU. Finding these online was not a good experience. I found From there, click on the "Free Access …" link.

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Now you should to see it, but it's not what I would call user friendly! It pops up in a window that you can't move or resize, and presents the text in 60 pages. Navigation consists of "First", "Previous", "Table of Contents", "Next", and "Last" buttons, so you can only view it one page at a time. And unless you have a very tall display, you'll have to scroll within the pop up window for each page. Feeling a bit sneaky, I brought up my handy dandy screen capture utility, intending to capture the text as an image, then send the image through my text recognition utility, ending with 60 pages of text which I could then stitch together into one document.

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Unfortunately, NFPA did something with the pop-up display screen which prevents my screen capture utility from using its "Capture a scrollable region" feature. Meaning each "page" in the popup would have to be captured in two image captures, then I'd have to stitch those two images together before proceeding with the text recognition.

So captures with either manual scrolling or pushing the "next" button between each capture. I didn't bother. I don't have a quick way to test this, but it wouldn't surprise me if the presentation of the text to people with visual impairment using the common accessibility features in browsers and screen readers would be far more frustration than my experience — perhaps even impossible.

I did try to see if It isn't. I've yet to find a way to view the text without paying a fee which goes FAR beyond the costs of electronic document delivery and apparently is pocketed by the RVIA. Frustrated by this, I did a brief survey of other, unrelated laws in my home town, and there are many parts of my town's codified law that include 3rd party standards by reference.

And unless they were NFPA standards, I could find no free, nor even at reasonable cost, way of viewing the standard.

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This isn't right. Since we are subject to these laws, ALL parts of the law should be available for public examination. And in this connected day and age, we should be able to do it from our living room, or our phone while on the bus commuting. I probably could examine ANSI It has everything in one central location.

You can hike Fresno is the closest city to Yosemite National Park by day and take in the diverse cuisine and downtown music scene by night. See more. Looking for 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartments in Fresno offer flexibility, privacy, and an ideal layout for roommates. Choose your location and make sure it's a reasonable commute from work, along with the neighborhood amenities you want from entertainment to green space.

Here are the 5 worst neighborhoods in Fresno according to data:

Some 2 bedroom apartments in Fresno offer two equal-sized rooms with the same bathrooms. Others may offer a smaller second bedroom that is intended as a den or guest room. The second bathroom could be located in a hallway or away from the bedrooms.

Consider how much privacy you want when renting 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartments in Fresno. Are the bedrooms right next to each other or situated across the apartment?

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Consider the views each bedroom offers, as well as if one offers more storage and a better layout. Start your Fresno apartment search! Select how many bedrooms you want.

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Apartment List. Choose your location and make sure it's a reasonable commute fro Minutes from Liberty Elementary School. Lots of on-site amenities, including a fitness center, "Central Park" for pets and a clubhouse. Updated apartments with granite countertops, vaulted ceilings and USB charger outlets. Pet-friendly, wooded community dotted with water features. Floor plans have a wood-burning fireplace and attached garage.

Amenities include a pool, tennis courts, and basketball court.