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Photographer: Paul Francis. The New York Academy of Medicine. The majority of the passengers were students and teachers on their way from Incheon to the resort island of Jeju. An official at Danwon High School, in a suburb to Seoul, said all of its students and teachers had been rescued, but that number could not be confirmed by authorities. Other reports claim that one of the two casualties was a high school student, the other a year-old crew member. Officials say some passengers could have been rescued by private fishing boats, but fears are growing that scores of people could have been trapped as the ship began listing sharply and capsized within two hours.

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The sea is a freezing It is not yet clear what caused the incident, but testimonies suggest it may have hit a rock or another vessel. Navy amphibious assault ship equipped with two helicopters is currently moving to the scene to assist in the effort. It has certainly challenged mine. In a piece earlier this year , based on other research from Northwestern on the effects of heavy marijuana use, I suggested that young people should hold off on smoking pot as long as possible because their brains are still developing and the earlier the drug is taken up, the worse the effects.

That remains good advice. Baked into my message, meanwhile, has been the implicit belief that smoking a little weed on the weekends is no worse than having a few beers — a notion that many Americans apparently share. The new Northwestern-Harvard study punches a hole in this conventional wisdom. Each group consisted of nine males and 11 females.

Cops want to talk to man in connection with rape at an East Harlem residence

The pot users underwent a psychiatric interview to confirm that they were not heavy or dependent marijuana users. The scientists examined two key parts of the brain — the nucleus accumbens and the amygdala, which together help control whether people judge things to be rewarding or aversive and, in turn, whether they experience pleasure or pain from them. It is the development of these regions of the brain, Breiter says, that allows young people to expand their horizons, helping them appreciate and enjoy new foods, music, books and relationships. But these are fundamental in terms of what people find pleasurable in the world and assessing that against the bad things.

The scientists also discovered that the more pot the young people smoked, the greater the abnormalities. The researchers acknowledge that their sample size was small and their study preliminary.

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More work, they say, needs to be done to understand the relationship between the changes to the brain they found and their impact on the day-to-day lives of young people who smoke marijuana casually. This is especially important, she and her colleagues add, in light of the growing push to legalize recreational marijuana use across America. Be the first to see the new cover of TIME and get our most compelling stories delivered straight to your inbox.

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